Pellets production, mainly for the export, has started in Poland in 2003. In 2008, the installed production capacity already amounted to more than 670,000 tons and the production to 340,000 tons. Around 21 pellet producing companies are operating in Poland. Most of them work with capacities below 30,000 tons.

With a total domestic consumption of around 120,000 tons, Poland was a large pellet exporting country in 2008. This might change in the future since the pellet demand in Poland is increasing rapidly both in the residential and in the industrial sector. Currently, there is a legal duty concerning obligatory production of “green energy” (both heat and electricity) which results in the increased interest of both district heating companies and CHP plants in biomass utilization.

A new regulation given by the Ministry of Economy (dated 14 August 2008) states, that energy producing units (5-20 MW) claiming to produce (partly) renewable electricity in co-generation have to assure that agricultural biomass (energy crops, agricultural residues and residues coming from food processing industry) cover at least 5% of the energy produced (2008). This share is supposed to grow constantly up to 100 % in 2015. Similar regulations exist for larger plants (> 20 MW).

Please refer to the Publication section for a comprehensive report on the Polish pellet market.