European Wood Pellet Markets

Pellets from biomass, especially wood pellets, can make a significant contribution to several European energy policy tasks, such as security of supply and CO2 reduction.

The market for fuel pellets is currently booming in Europe, mainly due to increasing fossil fuel prices and environmental concerns. However, pellet markets across Europe are characterised by very heterogeneous developmental stages. In parallel, inconsistencies occur regarding the available quantities and qualities of pellets. Still, the main barrier for market expansions is the lack of information which affects all producers, suppliers and large scale consumers of pellets.

The PELLETS@LAS project is supported by the European Commission and the Intelligent Energy Europe programme and aims to develop and promote transparency in the European fuel pellets market by removing market barriers (mainly information gaps but also local supply bottlenecks, production surpluses and uncertainties in quality assurance management).

The provision of detailed pellet market data, such as current prices, available quantities and qualities to all pellet actors in Europe will lower trade obstacles, support market participation and finally, increase the utilisation of pellets as fuel.