PELLETS@LAS Boiler Change Calculation Tool

The PELLETS@LAS Wood Pellet Boiler Calculation Tool provides a free estimate of the nominal wood pellet boiler size and potential fuel cost savings when substituting an oil fired or natural gas fired boiler with a wood pellet boiler at the current fuel price level. The tool is designed to handle boiler systems for small and medium sized residential buildings.

The calculation tool is designed in MS Excel and is fully open for the user to see, understand and alterate. We must stress that the tool provides a mere initial estimate for the boiler size and wood pellet consumption. The tool cannot be used for design of a boiler plant. The calculation is based on user input and may be influenced by national, regional or local variations. The full responsibility for the use of the tool lies with the user. Neither FORCE Technology nor the PELLETS@LAS project consortium accepts any liability for the use or the results of the use of the tool.

Please download the tool by clicking HERE.