MBP Feasibility Studies

The PELLETS@LAS project aims to implement four feasibility studies for mixed biomass pellets production in Germany, Slovakia, Poland and Greece. Main intention of this work is to provide a concrete prove of the technical maturity and economical feasibility of pellets production from non conventional sources.

In a first step a methodology for how to select a suitable site for the production was elaborated. Only when the specific requirements particularly in view to biomass availability, access to railway and road and sufficient space are met, the production can be done economically.

It became clear that in all selected sites the straw from wheat and grains is the most prominent agricultural waste material. Thus, all feasibility studies analysed the potential for “free” straw which is not used for agricultural and other purposes so far. Based on this analysis the plant parameters were defined.

For allowing a basic analysis of the economic feasibility of the selected sites an excel tool which allows a simplified profit and loss analysis on a 10 years basis was prepared. Based on this calculation tool it became clear that all sites could be operated under economic terms.

Please refer to the publication section to download the feasibility studies.