Mixed Biomass Pellets

Mixed biomass pellets (MBP) have a great potential in enlarging the use of biomass for energy conversion, particularly in central and south European countries. With the exhaustion of biomass residues for wood pellets production (particularly sawdust) the production of MBP is of increasing interest for project developers and biomass producers. Hence, in this market not the availability of the biomass resource is the most critical factor, but the availability of a sales market itself.

As MBP are a newcomer on the pellet market, as national quality standards for MBP do not exist (reference only on CEN standards) and as they will hardly be used in domestic small scale applications, trade and market structures for MBP will differ from wood pellets. For most European countries a market for MBP does simply not exist. Activities are mainly happening on bilateral agreements between producer and consumer. In order to give an outline of the small existing MBP market and to give new markets the opportunity to create transparent market structures right from the beginning of their development the PELLETS@LAS project will investigate the existing markets by data collections from producers, traders and consumers about their locations, about produced / traded / consumed pellets amounts and about prices.

A detailed analysis of all collected MBP market data will be available in October 2009.

The MBP reports can be downoaded from the publication section.