PELLETS@LAS Methodology

To enable the comprehensive collection of data across a heterogeneous European pellet market a consistent methodology for data collection was developed. Heterogeneity exists not only in relation to market development stages but also market structures, as the use of pellets varies from exclusive small-scale heating systems in households to large-scale use in electricity plants, depending on the country examined. Furthermore, all the different groups of stakeholders had to be included in the survey.

These demands led to the development of a custom made methodology where queries using specific questionnaires (595 kb) were combined with the cooperation of pellet associations in more developed pellet markets.

Information given by each company has to be kept confidential and is only used for constructing average values. In order to ensure anonymity and uniform calculation for all countries a special excel file (4635 kb) was developed for data collection and data handling.

The spreadsheet contains three sections:

The datasheet is the tool to collect the data of the regular interviews and it is set up to be used for an entire year
The calculation sheet is a (hidden) sheet used only for calculation of averages and aggregations
The overview sheet contains the list of actors filled in the data sheet, with name, address and certain specifications. Additionally it shows aggregated data from each data collection; this information will be calculated by the excel file. Only the figure “Total consumption” can be filled in by hand
For further instructions on data handling and calculations please refer to the PELLETS@LAS data handling manual (355 kb).