The PELLETS@LAS project

The Intelligent Energy for Europe project PELLETS@LAS started in January 2007 and will continue for 3 years until December 2009. It aims to develop and promote transparency on the European fuel pellet market. This is done to facilitate pellet trade and to remove market barriers, mainly information gaps but also local supply bottlenecks, production surpluses and uncertainties in quality assurance management. More specifically the project aims to:

Contribute to the implementation of future European legislation which is hindered by lack of market confidence and attitudes rather than costs
Provide pellet market data on wood pellets, such as prices, available quantities and qualities in Europe
Support market participation and increase of energetic utilisation of pellets by the permanent availability of market information within a real-time European PELLETS@LAS.
The PELLETS@LAS project work programme is divided into four phases:
Phase 1: Development of a methodology
Phase 2: Data collections on European pellet markets and pre-feasibility studies on MBP utilisation
Phase 3: National and international pellet markets
Phase 4: Dissemination and communication activities

The PELLETS@LAS project is the successor to the project Pellets for Europe which ran from June 2003 to July 2005. PELLETS@LAS has inherited parts of the website and database from this project and will update and improve it.